The Hindi word 'Kargha' means 'handloom'. As such, 'Karghewale' essentially are weavers.
Karghewale is a community of exceptional young weavers from various weaving clusters of India who have come together under an umbrella brand with a promise to offer bespoke handwoven textiles in contemporary designs and exemplary quality.
Every Karghewale product narrates a coming-of-age story of an artisan overcoming neatly stacked odds to realise their potential as a proud ambassador of handloom weaving.
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Tangaliya Tangaliya

Tangaliya technique is practised by a handful of weavers in some villages of Gujarat... read more

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Khadi Khadi

The Khadi we offer is produced in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra where cotton is grown organically... read more

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Maheshwari Maheshwari

Maheshwar is famous for its diaphanous silk cotton weave and striking zari border... read more

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Kutchi Kutchi

The region of Kutch is culturally rich with various weaving techniques, embroidery, block printing, tie & dye, etc... read more

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Chanderi Chanderi

Chanderi is famous for its exquisite motifs on buttery soft silk cotton body... read more

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Multishaft Multishaft

Multi-shaft is a technique in advanced weaving and creates textures by differential lifting of warp yarns... read more

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